The Bartlett Taylor Gallery

Witney’s long association with woollen blankets came to an end in 2002 when Early’s ceased production. For over three centuries the company played an important role in the history of the town.

Our exhibition ‘350 years of the blanket industry’ explores not only the history of Early’s but other manufacturers. The process of making a blanket is illustrated together with quotes from people who worked in the industry.

“It was very noisy because every time the shuttle was hit the arm came back and it knocked the shuttle along. So, it was clack, clack, clack all the time.”
Mr Lawrence Dixey, Early’s

Featured items are one of the last blankets to come off the loom in 2002 and another commissioned in the 1960’s showing the faces of the Beatles.

Please come along to see the rest of the Witney Blanket story!